Beverly will be unavailable: Apr 6-8, Apr 13-14, July TBA 
Vivian will be unavailable: Mar 28-Apr 1, June 11-18, July 7-15.
Check Viv's upcoming openings here.

Welcome to Virginia Nail Salon

(434) 589-NAIL (6245)

Virginia Nail Salon is located inside of a state licensed Nail School. The small semi-private nail salon is only run by the school staff when they are not working in the school. They offer their professional nail care services, part time, mostly to their regularly booked clients. If they have openings they will take new clients. 

Beverly: Mon-Wed 10am-4pm prefers appointment
Vivian: mostly Thur & Fri 9am-5pm only by appointment.
Students: Mon, Tue & Wed 11am-2pm only when available. 
Saturday hours (by appointment only) are randomly offered as available.

Thur & Fri
Fingernail polish$8$10
(for Spa paraffin upgrade add $10)
Gel Polish Manicure
(for Spa paraffin upgrade add $10)
Add French +$5+$5

Toenail polish
No soaking, trim & repolish
Express Pedicure
Sugar scrub skin exfoliation 
Basic Pedicure
Added Callus care treatment
Acrylic New Full Set$36$50 (gels $65)
 Acrylic Fill-In $26$30 (gels $35)
 Acrylic Repairs$2 per$2 per 
 Add Gel Polish to Acrylics+$5+$5 
Add polish sealer to Acrylics+$5+$5 
Add Pink &White to a set or fill+$15+$15
Add Nail Art50¢ to $8 pervaries

Gratuity is not expected but greatly appreciated!

New Clients: please arrive AT your appt time, not early.

Only Vivian offers Vagaro Online Booking